Questions to Ask on Your College Tour
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Questions to Ask on Your College Tour

When you go on a college tour, you will probably have a flood of questions that you want to discuss with your guide or with the prospective college's staff. Campus tours are a wonderful way for students to get to know more about the colleges that they are applying to while also giving them some first hand insight into how college life will be after they arrive.

Questions to Ask Your Tour Guide

Why did you decide to attend this college? At one point, your college tour guide probably stood right where you are standing today. Asking why they decided to attend this college can help you determine the best attributes of the college and help you make your decision.

What is a typical weekend like at this college? Most students want to know what the social scene on campus or off campus is like so asking what a typical weekend consists of can help you gauge whether the social experience will be a good fit for you.

What is a typical weekday like at this college? Similarly, it's also important to understand how a typical weekday goes at the college so that you can prepare for the transition.

How is the on-campus food? It's a good idea to ask about the quality of food you can find on campus so that you will know what to expect if you choose to enroll. Also, make sure to sample some of the food yourself before you leave.

How much time do students spend on their homework? This will help you gauge how much time you will be spending in the library studying compared to how much time you will be able to spend on your social life or maintaining your other responsibilities.

What is the average class size? Depending on how much interaction you want to have with professors, the student to professor ratio will be an important factor in determining whether this college is a good fit for you.

How easy is it to get in touch with professors or teaching assistants to ask questions? Similarly, ask your tour guide how available professors are to help you understand the coursework or to answer questions.

What is the freshmen experience like? Take this opportunity to ask your college tour guide what their freshman experience was like so that you can better prepare to transition into college life and learn what to expect.

What is your senior graduation rate and what is the percentage of students that return after freshman year for sophomore year? Knowing the graduation rate and the percentage of students that choose to come back after freshman year will help you gauge how likely students are at that college to excel and earn their degree.

What are the dorms like? Are off campus living quarters available to students or are you required to live on campus for a certain number of years? Ask your tour guide about living quarters available to freshmen and what dorm life is like so that you can learn more about on campus and off campus housing options.

Are dorm accommodations guaranteed, and if so for how long? If you prefer to stay in the dorm, ask how long those accommodations will be guaranteed and when if ever you will need to find off campus housing.

Do most students stay on campus or go home on the weekend? This will help you better understand how many students participate in campus life on the weekends.

What is the college's social scene like? If you are interested in actively participating in the college's social scene, make sure to ask your tour guide what kind of groups, activities, and organizations are available to students.

What percentage of the student body belongs to a fraternity or sorority? Whether you plan to get involved in Greek life or not, knowing how much of the student body is involved can help you gauge whether the college is a good fit for you.

Are there any clubs and activities on campus? Knowing what kinds of clubs, activities, and groups the college offers can help you decide whether this college will provide you with the social opportunities that you are looking for to stimulate your college experience.

Questions to Ask an Admissions Counselor

While you are visiting a campus for a college tour, talking with an admissions counselor can be a great way to understand the academic requirements of the students that are admitted and give you a glimpse into how the admissions process works. Below are a few questions to ask an admissions counselor.

What are this college's academic specialties? Are there any degree programs that predominantly competitive or strong?

What types of scholarships and financial aid are available?

What are the average academic credentials of an admitted student?

What do you look for in prospective students?

What are the deadlines for applying? Are there any other deadlines I should keep in mind?

When are notifications of acceptance mailed to prospective students?

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